Homeschooling and Online Learning

School has changed this year.  Students face new types of distractions, confusion and technical difficulties that can cause them to miss out on learning and developing key skills. Start Delta overcomes these obstacles with Individualized one-to-one and small group learning, mentoring, and coaching.

If you are struggling to give effective instruction in certain subjects, then we can help! Need support in Math or Science? How about writing essays for Literature or Social Science? We support your Academic needs.

Teen and Young Adult Programs

How much growth could you experience if you had a team of experts on your side that understand and appreciate your unique skills and challenges? Our Coaching and Mentoring model provides the structure to scaffold bourgeoning Independence and customize an Individualized approach.

We take a skills-based perspective to support our Young People through challenging times.  This allows us to access the areas of challenge from perspectives of success and aptitude.  

Why We Are Here

The Teenage and Young Adult years set the path for your child’s trajectory in life, and the past 2 years have been challenging.

With high rates of social media addiction and changing social landscape, we see more cases of depression, bullying, focus issues, anxiety and loneliness.  We also understand that many families find that traditional school environments are not a good fit for their kids.

Start Delta has envisioned a Coaching, Tutoring and Mentoring platform where you can take control of your narrative and create the systems for your own success.  We support Homeschooling and Online Learning, too.

What We Do

Start Delta supports Teens and Young Adults, looking to maximize their talents and develop meaningful skills. The young people we work with are in the process of developing Executive Skills, Academic Skills, Study Skills, Life Skills and learning to manage Anxiety and develop healthy routines. Our clients are highly capable individuals that benefit from working with a team that understands and values their perspectives and qualities.

Your goals are our goals. We customize our expertise to support you attaining your Goals and Objectives. Surviving Middle School or High School? Preparing for College? Trying to launch into Adult life? Stress and anxiety limiting your ability to realize success? We collaboratively develop a customized Success Plan that provides the structure to walk your path.

Experience doing that which you find meaningful. Find your tribe. Start living the life you want. Our team of expert tutors, mentors and coaches help you See Change.

Academic Support

Tutors teaching in the way you learn best!
We support Homeschooling and Online Learning through Individualized Tutoring and Khan Academy collaboration. We find your preferred learning style and match it with the best Tutor for you. You just need a Tutor that you can understand!

Life Coaching and Mentoring

How much growth could you experience if you had a team of experts on your side that understood your unique skills and challenges?

Young Adult Programs

Balance is the key to experiencing success. Build community. Leverage and actualize your skills in a culture of peer support, motivation and accountability for neurodiverse Young Adults.

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Develop a Success Plan

Based on OKR Framework that ensures tangible and trackable outcomes.

Use Our Technology Platform

Online Client Portal that supports communication, progress and trajectory mapping for all participants.

Start Delta. See Change.

We believe in the innate capacity and skill of every individual. We combine expertise with  bespoke, tailored frameworks that help our young people and their families achieve their Goals and Objectives. 

Who Is a Good Fit?

Start Delta Participants Are Highly Capable Individuals That Benefit from:
  • 1:1 and Small Group Coaching, Mentoring or Tutoring
  • Executive Skills Development
  • Reducing Baseline Anxiety
  • Building Effective Study Skills
  • Developing Holistic  Wellness Routines
  • Exploring Internships and Work Environments

Completely Customized Supports:

Starting Point

Create Your Roadmap with Start Delta Compass:

  • Initial 30 Minute Consultation
  • 1:1 Planning and Assessments Determine Scope of Supports
  • Success Plan is Developed in Collaboration with Young People and their Loved Ones
  • 12 month Subscription to our Client-Centric IT Management Platform

Skills Building

Areas of Focus and Engagement:

  • Executive Skills Development
  • Anxiety Management
  • Study Skills Support
  • Tutoring Support
  • Nutrition and Wellness Routines
  • Growing Independent Capacities
  • Navigating Community
  • Independent Living Skills
  • Mentalization and Mindfulness
  • Focus Training
  • Time Management
  • Making and Keeping Friends
  • Effectively Expressing Emotions
  • Conversational and Non-verbal Communication
  • Social Expectations
  • Recognizing and Interpreting Social Cues
  • Creating a Modern Resume
  • Conducting a Job Search
  • Career Exploration and Development
  • E-Commerce Business Start-Up

Pathway to Independence

Developing Independent Capacities:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Self-Esteem
  • Self-Confidence
  • Empowerment and Agency
  • Setting Sustainable and Attainable Goals
  • Finding and Creating Balance
  • Dissolving Limiting and Destructive Narratives
  • Developing Empathy
  • Discovering Passions and Purpose

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Coaching and Mentoring model for Teens and Young Adults.