Here, we weave our Young Adults’ unique skills and traits into leading a self-directed life.  We develop and increase resilience and stamina, reduce anxiety and resolve existing trauma loops and improve Executive skills because these are the areas that inter our Young Adult’s greatest areas of skill.

Skills Learned:

  • Growing Independent Capacities
  • Mentalization and Mindfulness
  • Anxiety Management
  • Experiential, Hands-On Learning
  • Developing Healthy Coping Skills
  • Creating New Narratives of Success
  • Forging Emotional Elasticity

At Start Delta, young adults live in apartments that are part of local communities, in the center of the SF Bay Area and have close access to community-based social environments, jobs and college campuses.

If there is a class you want to take, a club you want to join or an opportunity that you want to explore, then we will make it happen! Our Mentors and Coaches enjoy experiencing and setting up growth opportunities.

Skills Learned:

  • Managing Living Space
  • Daily Adult Responsibilities
  • Cooking, Cleaning and Budgeting
  • Relationship Building
  • Community Engagement

To perform at your highest level, your body and mind must be optimized. Healthy routines are essential and underpin success in work and life. We customize your routines based upon what works best for you. We won’t force you into a gym, onto a treadmill or some trendy diet! Meaningful nutrition and wellness is individualized. Our Young Adults collaborate with a Functional Medicine Doctor to build a holistic understanding of what works best for their individual needs and goals.

Skills Learned:

  • Individualized and Effective Routines
  • Holistic Health Knowledge
  • Lifestyle that fits you!

Focusing on Nutrition and Wellness, Independent Living Skills and Pathway to Self-Mastery comprises the foundation for successful Academic and Career Development.  These core skillsets develop the capacities and soft skills from which neurodiverse young adults can develop satisfying careers.  We understand the tremendous value our Young Adults offer companies and empower them to actualize their potential.  

Skills Developed:

  • Organizing Steps / Creating Processes
  • Executive Skills Development
  • Focus Training
  • Time Management
  • Job Coaching
  • Career Exploration and Development
  • E-Commerce Business Start-Up
  • Anxiety Management

Our Experience

Our Tutors, Coaches and Mentors have experience as doctors, teachers,  business coaches, life coaches, D1 Academic Supports, Directors of private Supplemental Education and creators of Young Adult programs. We have lived internationally and traveled extensively. We synthesize these experiences into uniquely empathetic perspectives that allow us to meet our Clients where they are.