Our Perspective

The Structure is Key

From our experience in various projects, our question has long been, “how do our clients and families know what they will get?” This is a question of how Communication Interaction, Trajectory Mapping deliver tangible Results in a consistent fashion that empowers our Clients and their families to be part of their own growth processes. Our goal is to empower Teens, Young Adults and their families to create long-term, sustainable and attainable structures that make it possible to realize potentiality.

We are able to deliver this in two main ways:

1. OKR Framework

Using the Objective, Key Result Framework, we are able to co-author a living document that encapsulates and envisions the scope of our work with Clients. This framework ensures:

  • Objectives are informed by Key Results that are actionable, achievable and tangible
  • Goals and Objectives are relevant to and created with the Client
  • Supports can seamlessly evolve according to needs of the Client
  • Responsibility and Accountability

2. Technology Platform

Our Client Portal is interactive and client-centric.  Clients and Loved Ones can access:

  • Customized Success Plan
  • Progress Towards Goals and Objectives
  • Trajectory Mapping
  • Areas of Current Focus
  • Monthly Progress Reports