Start Delta envisions the Pathway to Independence and Self-Sufficiency.  We support motivated Teens and Young Adults to create effective and efficient systems that are sustainable and attainable.

Our young people learn how to manage their Anxiety, Stress, hone their Executive
Skills and develop holistically healthy routines. This foundational groundwork makes success in high school, college and career achievable.

Start Delta Parent Coaching

Find support for the emotional, social and academic challenges that you are facing as  your child navigates the processes of schooling and maturing into a confident and courageous Teen or Young Adult.  Find out how we support Homeschooling and Online Learning!

Start Delta Compass

This is our starting point. We create customized Success Plans that can be used as a Compass and a Roadmap for our Young People and their families. This begins with an Assessment to understand their current situation and establish the scope of their goals. All Supports can be Individualized from this Framework.

Start Delta Anywhere

Our modern virtual interface that removes location as a barrier to working with our expert team of Tutors, Coaches and Mentors. This is for Teens and Young Adults looking for customizable support structures in realizing Academic success, creating sustainable, attainable and healthy routines in the areas of Anxiety management, Nutrition and Wellness and Executive Skills development.

Start Delta Community

Providing the space from which independence will flourish. Full wrap-around supports combine with the power of an intentional community and Independent Living all just a few blocks from Laney College and Lake Merritt. This is for Young Adults that will benefit from a bespoke Independent Living program while they are learning how to manage being independent and what adulting feels like.

Program Delivery

We know that the Young People we work with are phenomenally talented and unique.  We understand the the systems they are existing within provide the main barriers to success.  A unique challenge requires a unique perspective.  We move past the barriers together and learn how to navigate future challenges.

We are based in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We provide our supports in-person and online. We have an international audience. If you want to experience our Supports in person, then we will arrange flexible housing for you.  Just let us know!

Our Coaching, Mentoring and Tutoring plans can be offered anywhere. You could be local or in a different country. Coaching sessions are 1:1 and Small Group. We Support the development of the future generation of leaders to optimize their potential.

Academic Support

We offer Tutoring in many subjects:

Study Skills, Math, Science, Writing, Programming, College Preparation, Entrance Exams

See how we Support Homeschooling!

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Coaching and Mentoring

We offer Coaching in many areas:

Life Coaching, Mentoring, Anxiety and Stress Management, Career Development, Entrepreneurship and Financial Management

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Independent Living 

We offer self-development Coaching and Mentoring in many areas:

Anxiety and Stress Management, Executive Functioning, Social Skills, Nutrition and Wellness Routines, Building Confidence and Agency, Self-Reliance and Critical Thinking

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